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Assured of quality, health, safety and environment

Koops Consultancy offers QHSE Management, which means that we support companies from A to Z in meeting the legal requirements in the field of quality, health, safety and the environment, in other words Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE). The QHSE obligations are described in the Dutch Working Conditions Act and European legislation.

We write custom safety plans, carry out workplace inspections and RI&Es, write toolboxes and make them available, support site management during implementation on location and increase safety awareness among employees in a personal way. Our slogan for them is: “Work safely for the moments that matter”. Our QHSE services are available in Dutch, English and German, and on request also in French and Spanish.

Koops Consultancy takes into account the specific characteristics of business activities and culture. Our highly trained safety experts and/or safety supervisors are also always available for clients, even on location. Their down-to-earth attitude ensures a practical approach that is clear to everyone.

Ways and means to achieve the highest possible quality of a product, production process, service or organization are described in a certified quality management system. This shows customers at a glance that the required quality is being delivered and in what way.

Health. Safety & Environment
We identify hazards in the workplace using workplace inspections and a mandatory Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E). This results in an action plan that describes which measures are taken to limit the risks with regard to harmful situations and substances.

In accordance with the guidelines of the Working Conditions Act, Koops Consultancy applies the occupational hygiene strategy. This is a step-by-step plan that ensures that the measures are taken in a certain order and that the source of the problem is first looked at. If nothing can be done at the source of the problem, other measures must be taken. Koops Consultancy guides clients through all the steps to be taken.

The Environmental Act obliges companies to comply with environmental regulations in areas such as noise, energy, waste, air and soil. Companies also increasingly expect their relations to do their best to reduce the company’s ecological footprint. A healthier world where everyone can still live in the future, complying with environmental legislation and an attractive market position therefore go hand in hand. The employees of Koops Consultancy are happy to help you with this. Because we also want to maintain a liveable world for ourselves, our (grand)children and our animals.


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